Assistant Professor of Finance

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Rachel Li headshot

Research Interests


Ph.D., Finance, Michigan State University, 2018

Selected Publications

Does Money Talk? Divestitures and Corporate Environmental and Social Policies, with Nickolay Gantchev and Mariassunta Giannetti, Review of Finance, forthcoming.

CEO Succession Roulette, with Dragana Cvijanovic and Nickolay Gantchev, Management Science, forthcoming.

Sustainability or Performance? Ratings and Fund Managers’ Incentives, with Nickolay Gantchev and Mariassunta Giannetti, working paper.

Does Economic Comparability Discipline Financial Reporting? with Audra Boone, William Grieser, and Parth Venkat, working paper.

Investor Heterogeneity and Market Discipline: Evidence from Mutual Fund Adviser Misconduct, working paper.

Personal Convictions and ESG Investing, with Charlie Costello, Sugata Ray, and Parth Venkat, working paper.

Move Fast and Break Things! Innovation-Intensive Strategy, Organizational Permissiveness, and Corporate Wrongdoing, with William Grieser, Ryan Krause, Richard Priem, and Andrei Simonov, working paper.