Professor of Strategic Management

James D. Nabors Instructional Excellence Faculty Fellow

Department of Management

Lou Marino

Research Interests


Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington
M.B.A., SUNY College at Buffalo
B.S., SUNY at Genesco


Lou Marino is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at The University of Alabama. Professor Marino’s research focuses on how entrepreneurial firm’s respond to environmental uncertainty and how a firm’s entrepreneurial orientation impacts the nature and efficacy of their response. His research has been published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. His research has been recognized with best paper awards at both the Academy of Management and at the Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Professor Marino has served the Academy and the field of entrepreneurship in a number of ways. At Academy, he has co-chaired the Early Career Development Workshop, served on the Research Committee where he headed up a subcommittee to award the Best Family Business Paper, and has served on the innovations subcommittee.

Outside of the Entrepreneurship Division, he has served as a senior scholar at the Strategic Entrepreneurship Society and has served on the Board of Reviewers for the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. At the University of Alabama Professor Marino is the Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator, he teaches entrepreneurship at the PhD, MBA and undergraduate levels. He also led the development of a nationally ranked undergraduate entrepreneurship program at the University of Alabama.

Selected Publications

Wiklund, J., Yu, W., Tucker, R., & Marino, L. D. (2017). ADHD, impulsivity and entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing, 32(6), 627-656.

Lomberg, C., Urbig, D., Stöckmann, C., Marino, L. D., & Dickson, P. H. (2017). Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Dimensions’ Shared Effects in Explaining Firm Performance. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 41(6), 973-998.

Robsinon, A., Marino, L. D., (2015). Overconfidence and risk perceptions: do they really matter for venture creation decisions? International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 11(1), 149-168.

Torkman, M., Richey, R. G., Morgan, T., Marino, L. D., Dickson, P. (2013). SME supply chain portfolios: firm staisfaction and organization resources, International Journal of Logistics Management. International Journal of Logistics Management, 24(2), 271-300.

Marino, L. D., Kreiser, P., Kuratko, D., Weaver, M. (2013). Disaggregating entrepreneurial orientation: The non-linear impact of innovativeness, proactiveness and risk-taking on SME performance. Small Business Economics.

George, B. A., & Marino, L. The epistemology of entrepreneurial orientation: Conceptual formation, modeling, and operationalization. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. (2011), 35(5), 989-1024.

McGrath, H., O’Toole, T., Marino L. D. (in press). A relational lifecycle model of the emergence of network capability in new ventures. International Small Business Journal.