Steve Buchheit

  • December 17th, 2018
Steve Buchheit
Accounting, Accounting Ph.D. Faculty, Faculty
Department:Culverhouse School of Accountancy
Title:Roddy-Garner Professor of Accounting (Associate Professor)
Building:Alston Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Download Dr. Steve Buchheit's curriculum vitae  (updated July 2021).

Selected Publications

Are CFOs effective operators? An empirical analysis of CFO / COO duality.  Coauthors: Austin Reitenga, George Ruch, Daniel Street.  Journal of Management Accounting Research Vol. 31  (2019).

Crowdsourcing intelligent research participants: A student versus MTurk comparison.  Coauthors: Derek Dalton, Shane Stinson and Troy Pollard.  Behavioral Research in Accounting Vol. 31 (2019).

Do consumer-directed tax credits effectively increase demand?  Experimental evidence of conditional success.  Coauthors:  Shane Stinson, Beau Barnes and Michaele Morrow.  Journal of the American Taxation Association Vol. 40 (2018).

Threshold-based Medicare incentives and aggressive patient reporting in U.S. hospitals.  Coauthors:  Beau Barnes and Linda Parsons.  Accounting and the Public Interest Vol. 17 (2017).

A contemporary analysis of accounting professionals’ work-life balance.  Coauthors: Derek Dalton, Nancy Harp, and Carl Hollingsworth.  Accounting Horizons Vol. 30 (2016).

Audit and tax career paths in public accounting: An analysis of student and professional perceptions.  Coauthors:  Derek Dalton and Jeffrey McMillan. Accounting Horizons Vol. 28 (2014).

Experimental evidence of a sunk cost paradox: a study of pricing behavior in Bertrand-Edgeworth duopoly.  Coauthor: Nick Feltovich.  International Economic Review Volume 52 (2011).

An experimental study of multidimensional hierarchical accounting data: drill-down paths can influence economic decisions.  Coauthors:  Jacob Peng and Ralph Viator. Journal of Information Systems Vol. 21 (2007).

An experimental investigation of accounting information's influence on the individual giving process.  Coauthor: Linda Parsons.  Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Vol. 25 (2006).

Non-cash charitable giving: Evidence of aggressive taxpayer reporting following a compliance change.  Coauthors:  Teresa Lightner, John Masselli, and Robert Ricketts, Journal of the American Taxation Association Vol. 27 (2005).

Fixed cost magnitude, fixed cost reporting format, and competitive pricing decisions: some experimental evidence.  Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 21 (2004).

Reporting the cost of capacity.   Accounting, Organizations and Society. Vol. 28 (2003).

No need to compromise:  evidence of pubic accounting’s changing culture regarding budgetary performance.  Coauthors:  Bill Pasewark and Jerry R. Strawser.  Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 42 (2003).

CEO bonus pay, tax policy, and earnings management.   Coauthors:  Austin Reitenga (Alabama), Terry Baker (Wake Forest U.), and Qin Jennifer Yin (U. Texas - San Antonio). Journal of the American Taxation Association, Vol. 24 (2002).