Sandra Mortal

  • December 17th, 2018
Sandra Mortal
EFLS, Faculty, Finance Ph.D. Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Education:Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2003, Finance



Focus and Current Research

Corporate Finance


Selected Publications

“Do Women CEOs Face Greater Threat of Shareholder Activism Compared to Male CEOs? A Role Congruity Perspective.” (With V. Gupta, S. Han and S. Silveri.) Journal of Applied Psychology. Forthcoming.

“Revisiting the Gender Gap in CEO Compensation: Replication and Extension of Hill, Upadhay, and Beekun’s (2015) Work on CEO Gender Pay Gap.” (With V. Gupta and X. Guo.) Strategic Management Journal. 2018.

“The Role of Firm Investment in Momentum and Reversal.” (With M. Schill.) Journal of Empirical Finance. 2018.

"The Impact of Market Structure on Ex-Dividend Day Stock Price Behavior.” (With S. Paudel and S. Silveri.) Financial Management. Forthcoming.

“Market Illiquidity and Conditional Equity Premium.” (With H. Guo, R. Savickas, and R. Wood.) Financial Management. Forthcoming.

“Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Value: Does Managerial Discretion Play a Role?” (With V. Gupta and T. Yang.) Review of Managerial Science. Forthcoming.

“The Post-Acquisition Returns of Stock Deals: Evidence of the Pervasiveness of the Asset Growth Effect.” (With M. Schill.) Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. 2015.

“The Real Effects of Being Public: evidence from public and private firms.” (With N. Reisel.)Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. 2013.

“On the Scope and Drivers of the Asset Growth Effect.” (With M. Lipson and M. Schill.) Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. 2011.

“Do Firms Believe in Interest Rate Parity?” (With M. McBrady and M. Schill.) Review of Finance. 2010.

“Corruption. Political Connections and Municipal Finance.” (With A. Butler and L. Fauver.) Review of Financial Studies. 2009.

“Liquidity and Capital Structure.” (With M. Lipson.) Journal of Financial Markets. 2009.

“Stock Market Liquidity and the Decision to Repurchase.” (With P. Brockman and J. Howe.) Journal of Corporate Finance. 2008.

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“The Effect of Stock Splits on Clientele: Is Tick Size Relevant?” (With M. Lipson.) Journal of Corporate Finance. 2006.