Robert Reed

  • December 17th, 2018
Robert Reed
Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Eubanks Professor of Real Estate and Professional Services
Professor of Economics
Education:Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, 1998, Economics


Focus and Current Research

Monetary Theory

Labor Economics

Endogeous Growth

Search Theory

Selected Publications

"Sunspot Bank Runs and Fragility: The Role of Financial Sector Competition." (With J. Gao.) European Economic Review. Forthcoming.

"Banking Competition, Capital Accumulation, and Interest on Reserves." (With E. Ghossoub.) Economic Inquiry. April 2021.

“Housing, Liquidity Risk, and the Effects of Monetary Policy.” (With E. Ume.) Journal of Macroeconomics. June 2019.

“Banking Competition, Production Externalities, and the Effects of Monetary Policy.” (With E. Ghossoub.) Economic Theory. February 2019.

“Monetary Policy and Investment Dynamics: Evidence from Disaggregate Data.” (With G. Givens.) Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. December 2018.

“Mortgage Recourse Provisions and Housing Prices.” (With A. LaRue and E. Ume.) Regional Science and Urban Economics. November 2018.

“Financial Development, Income Inequality, and the Distributional Effects of Monetary Policy.” (With E. Ghossoub.) Journal of Development Economics. May 2017.

"Free Trade Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Endogeneity and Dynamics." (With B. Lee, J. Lee and C. Lira.) Southern Economic Journal. July 2016.

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"The Cost of Capital, Asset Prices, and the Effects of Monetary Policy." (With E. Ghossoub.) Journal of Macroeconomics. December 2014.

"Negative Equity and Wages." (With Chris Cunningham.) Regional Science and Urban Economics.November 2013.

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