Mesut Yavuz

  • December 17th, 2018
Mesut Yavuz
Faculty, ISM, Operations Management Ph.D. Faculty
Department:Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science
Title:Associate Professor of Operations Management
Program Director of Operations Management Ph.D. Program
Phone:(205) 348-6521
Building:Alston Hall
Education:Istanbul Technical University (B.S. and M.S.)
The University of Florida (Ph.D.)


Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Yavuz previously taught at the University of Florida and Shenandoah University, where he won Outstanding Scholarship, Outstanding Journal Article, Exemplary Service and Students' Appreciation awards. His research was supported internally and externally by entities including the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Dr. Yavuz has 10+ articles published peer-reviewed journals including Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, International Journal of Production Research, Computers and Operations Research, and Military Operations Research. He won a Best Paper Award from the Military Operations Research journal. He is on the editorial board of two journals and serves another 10+ as a reviewer. Dr. Yavuz is a member of INFORMS, POMS, Decision Sciences, and APICS societies.

Focus and Current Research

Lean & green operations. Vehicle routing, vehicle selection and fleet composition for alternative-fuel vehicles, the combined car-sequencing and just-in-time level-scheduling problem, just-in-time production and delivery.

Selected Publications

Yavuz, M., 2010, "An iterated beam search algorithm for the multi-level production smoothing problem with workload smoothing goal," International Journal of Production Research, vol. 48, num. 20, pages 6189-6202.

Yavuz, M., 2013, "An iterated beam search algorithm for the combined car-sequencing and level-scheduling problem," International Journal of Production Research, vol. 51, num. 12, pages 3698-3718.

Kubiak, W. and Yavuz, M., 2008, "Just-In-Time smoothing through batching," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, vol. 10, num. 3, pages 506-518.

Yavuz, M. and Akcali, E., 2007, "Production smoothing in just-in-time manufacturing systems: models and solution approaches," International Journal of Production Research (special issue "The Toyota production system: 403 Thirty years of research and beyond"), vol. 45, num. 16, pages 3579-3597.

Yerrick, N., Yavuz, M. and Jeffcoat, D., 2007, "Two sensor motion models for the dynamic sensor coverageproblem," Military Operations Research Journal, vol. 12, num. 2, pages 55-64.