Mark Schneider

  • December 17th, 2018
Mark Schneider
EFLS, Faculty, TIDE Lab
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Assistant Professor of Economics
Education:B.A., Yale University
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, School of Business, 2015

Honors, Achievements & Affiliations

Mark Schneider is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on behavioral economics, experimental economics, and decision making. His research has appeared in Management Science, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Decision Support Systems, and other journals related to economics, psychology, and decision making. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Alabama, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University.

Focus and Current Research

Behavioral Economics

Experimental Economics

Decision Making

Selected Publications

"Reference Dependent Prices in Bargaining: An Experimental Examination of Precise First Offers." (With Erik Kimbrough and David Porter.) Journal of Economic Psychology. October 2021.

"Bargains, Price Signaling, and Efficiency in Markets with Asymmetric Information." (With Daniel Stephenson.) Games and Economic Behavior. July 2021.

"Salience and Social Choice." (With Jonathan Leland.) Experimental Economics. February 2021.

"A Bias Aggregation Theorem." Economics Letters. November 2020.

"The Utilitarian-Maximin Social Welfare Function and Anomalies in Social Choice." (With Byung-Cheol Kim.) Southern Economic Journal. September 2020.

"Temptation-biased Preferences for Risk and Time." Economics Letters. August 2020.

"Effects of Experience, Choice Architecture, and Cognitive Reflection in Strategyproof Mechanisms."(With David Porter.) Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. March 2020.

“Mean-Dispersion Preferences with a Specific Dispersion Function.” (With Manuel Nunez.) Journal of Mathematical Economics. October 2019.

“Minimal Frames and Transparent Frames for Risk, Time and Uncertainty.” (With Jonathan Leland and Nathaniel Wilcox.) Management Science. September 2019.

“Optimizing Choice Architectures.” (With Cary Deck, Mikhael Shor, Tibor Besedes, and Sudipta Sarangi.) Decision Analysis. March 2019.

“Ambiguity Framed.” (With Jonathan Leland, and Nathaniel Wilcox.) Journal of Risk and Uncertainty. October 2018.

“Target Adjusted Utility Functions and Expected Utility Paradoxes.” (With Robert Day.) Management Science. January 2018.

“The Common Ratio Effect in Choice, Pricing, and Happiness Tasks.” (With Mikhael Shor.) Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. May 2017.

“Risk Aversion and Loss Aversion in Core-Selecting Auctions.” (With Robert Day and Robert Garfinkel.) Decision Support Systems. August 2015.

“A Simple Mean Dispersion Model of Ambiguity Attitudes.” (With Manuel Nunez.) Journal of Mathematical Economics. May 2015.