Marilyn Whitman

  • December 17th, 2018
Marilyn Whitman
Faculty, Faculty Affiliates, IBA, Management, Management Ph.D. Faculty
Title:HealthSouth Endowed Chair in Health Care Management
Education:Ph.D., Auburn University
M.P.H., University of North Florida
B.A., Stetson University


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Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Whitman's research interests include social and ethical issues in organizational behavior with an emphasis on destructive and unethical behavior. She is interested in examining drivers and outcomes of effective and ineffective leader-follower interactions, particularly in dysfunctional relationships that involve workplace deviance, aggression, and other maladaptive traits.

Focus and Current Research

Health Care Administration and Analytics

Ethical Leadership

Work-Family Interface

Selected Publications

English, T. M., Smith, T., Song, X., & Whitman, M. V. (In press). Barriers to electronic cigarette use. Public Health Nursing.

English, T. M., Masom, D., & Whitman, M. V. (In press). Impact of patient navigatoin on diabetes. Journal of Healthcare Management.

Song, X., English, T. M., & Whitman, M. V. (In press). Exploring organization smoking policies and employee behavior. Submitted to Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Tillman, C. J., Gonzalez, K., Whitman, M. V., Crawford, W. T., & Hood, A. C. (2018). A multifunctional view of moral disengagement: Exploring the effects of learning the consequences. Frontiers in Psychology.

Tillman, C. J., Whitman, M. V., Kacmar, K. M., & Steinbauer, R. (2017). Gone but not forgotten: An extended process model perspective of moral disengagement. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 22(1), 28-48.

Wills, M., Whitman, M. V., & English, T. M. (2017). Travel distance to cancer treatment facilities in the Deep South. Journal of Healthcare Management.

Kacmar, K. M., Tillman, C. J., HArris, K. J., & Whitman, M. V. (2016). Perceptions of ethical leadership as a mediator of the relationship between abusive supervision and work behaviors. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 16(1).

Madeville, A., Halbesleben, J. R. B., & Whitman, M. V. (2016). Pluralistic ignorance of family-friendly work benefits. Personnel Psychology, 69(4), 895-929.

Crawford, W. S., Shanine, K. K., Whitman, M. V., & Kacmar, K. M. (2015). Examining the impostor phenomenon and work-family conflict. Journal of Mangerial Psychology, 31(2), 375-390.