Kenny Wunder

  • August 21st, 2019
Kenny Wunder
EFLS, Faculty
Title:Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Endowed Professor of Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management
Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science
Phone:(205) 348-8982
Building:Alston Hall
PO Box:870224

Selected Publications

“Paying for Expertise: The Effect of Experience on Insurance Demand.” (With V. Anand and T. Leverty.) Journal of Risk and Insurance. November 2020.

“Accounting Stability and the Liability Catastrophe of 1997-2001.” (With G. Zanjani, L. Powell, S. Mildenhall.) Working paper.

“Advancements in the Measurement of Underwriting Risk and Diversification.” (With J. Schmit and T. Leverty.) Working paper.

“Disproportionate Effects of Line Bundling in U.S. Insurance Guaranty Associations.” Working paper.

“Regulation and Market Entry Decisions in Workers’ Compensation Insurance.” (With M. Ragin.) Working paper.