Jason Bennett Thatcher

  • December 17th, 2018
Jason Bennett Thatcher
Faculty, ISM
Email: jbthatcher1@culverhouse.ua.edu
Department:Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science
Title:Professor and MIS Endowed Faculty Fellow
Education:Florida State University, Ph.D.
Florida State University, M.P.A.
The University of Utah, B.A., History
The University of Utah, B.S., Political Science

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Thatcher studies technology use in organizations. He publishes papers examining cybersecurity, individual decision-making, strategic alignment and workforce issues as they relate to the effective application of information technologies in organizations. His work has been funded by grants or gifts in kind from the National Science Foundation, IBM, Salesforce.com and other sources.

Dr. Thatcher's work appears in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the AIS, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Organizational Behavior of Human Decision Processes. He has published in Financial Times 50 journals 15 times (roughly once a year) since earning his Ph.D.

Dr. Thatcher maintains an active research agenda. He appears on the MIS Quarterly most prolific authors list and was ranked as the third most productive scholar in the AIS Senior Basket of Six Journal list between 2012 and 2016. Since earning his Ph.D., Dr. Thatcher is ranked the 24th most productive scholar out of 9,000 active faculty in his discipline.

Dr. Thatcher serves as Senior Editor at the MIS Quarterly and Decision Sciences, as an Associate Editor at European Journal of Information Systems, and on the editorial board of Journal of the AIS. He is a past member of the editorial boards of Information Systems Research and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. He was recognized as a top Associate Editor by Information Systems Research.

Dr. Thatcher serves as Immediate Past President of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and is immediate past Vice-President of Member Services for the AIS. He has also served as President of SIG-ADIT and Past Chair of the DIGIT Workshop. He is presently on the Advisory Board for the AIS Women's Network and the IS Job Index National Advisory Board.

Dr. Thatcher teaches courses in Management Information Systems and Strategic Management. Dr. Thatcher won the College of Business and Behavioral Science 2008 Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award at Clemson University. He was named to the Circle of Compadres by the KPMG Foundation for contributions to mentoring minority Ph.D. students.

Focus and Current Research


Innovation Diffusion

IT Workforce

Selected Publications

Thatcher, J.B., Wright, R., Sun, H., Zagenczyk, T., and Klein, R. (2018). Mindfulness in Information Technology Use: Three Empirical Studies. MIS Quarterly, 42(3).

Roth, P., Goldberg, C., and Thatcher, J.B. (2017). The Role of Political Affiliation in Employment Decisions: A Model and Research Agenda. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(9), 1286.

Jensen, M., Dinger, M., Wright, R., and Thatcher, J.B. (2017). Training to Mitigate Threats from Customized Phishing Attacks. Journal of Management Information Systems, 34(2), 597-626.

Gerow, J., Grover, V., Thatcher, J.B., and Roth, P. (2014). Looking Toward the Future of IT-Business Strategic Alignment through the Past: A Meta-Analysis. MIS Quarterly, 38(94): 1059-1085.

Wright, R.T., Jensen, M., Thatcher, J.B., Dinger M., and Marett, K. (2014). Principles of Persuasion and Phishing: A Field Experiment. Information Systems Research, 25(2): 385-400.