H. Shawn Mobbs

  • December 17th, 2018
H. Shawn Mobbs
EFLS, Faculty, Finance Ph.D. Faculty
Email: smobbs@culverhouse.ua.edu
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Associate Professor of Finance
C.T. Fitzpatrick Endowed Chair of Value Investing
Education:Vanderbilt University (Ph.D.)
University of Georgia (M.B.A.)
Georgia Tech (M.S.)
Georgia Tech (B.S.)


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Honors, Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Mobbs is currently a member of the Financial Management Association and the American Finance Association. His research focus is on corporate governance, executive compensation and executive and director incentives. Before joining academia, he served 4 years with the United States Air Force as a Global Positioning System satellite analyst, held various positions with the Procter & Gamble Corp. and was a financial analyst in the Corporate Financial Planning group of the FedEx Corp.

Focus and Current Research

Corporate Governance

Executive Compensation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Selected Publications

“Firm CFO Board Membership and Departures.” Journal of Corporate Finance. June 2018.

“Is an Outside Chair Always Better? The Role of Non-CEO Inside Chairs on Corporate Boards.” Financial Review. October 2015.

Tradeoffs between Internal and External Governance: Evidence from Exogenous Regulatory Shocks.” (With Patrick Lach and Lixiong Guo.) Financial Management. March 2015.

Independent Director Incentives: Where do Talented Directors Spend their Limited Time and Energy?” (With Ronald W. Masulis.) Journal of Financial Economics. February 2014.

CEO’s Under Fire: The Effects of Directors on CEO Compensation and Turnover.” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. June 2013.

Internal Managerial Promotions: Insider Incentives and CEO Succession.” (With Charu Raheja.) Journal of Corporate Finance. December 2012.

Are All Inside Directors the Same? Do they entrench CEO’s or enhance board decision making?” (With Ronald W. Masulis.) Journal of Finance. June 2011.

“Independent Director Reputation Incentives: CEO Compensation Contracting and Financial Management.” (With Ronald W. Masulis.) Working Paper.

Directors with Forced CEO Turnover Experience.” (With Jesse Ellis and Lixiong Guo.) Working Paper.

CEO Selection and Executive Appearance.” (With Doug Cook.) Working Paper.

Independent Directors and Corporate Litigation.” (With James Malm.) Working Paper.

“Derivatives and Governance.” (With Robert Brooks and Troy Pollard.) Working Paper.