Gregory Givens

  • December 17th, 2018
Gregory Givens
Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Associate Professor of Economics
Education:PhD, University of North Carolina, 2005, Economics
BS, Wake Forest University



Focus and Current Research


Monetary Economics

Selected Publications

“Unemployment, Partial Insurance, and the Multiplier Effects of Government Spending.” International Economic Review. May 2022.

“Monetary Policy and Investment Dynamics: Evidence from Disaggregate Data.” (With Robert R. Reed.) Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. December 2018.

Do Data Revisions Matter for DSGE Estimation?” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. September 2017.

“On the Gains from Monetary Policy Commitment under Deep Habits.” Journal of Macroeconomics. December 2016.

“A Note on Comparing Deep and Aggregate Habit Formation in an Estimated New Keynesian Model.” Macroeconomic Dynamics. July 2015.

“Inferring Monetary Policy Objectives with a Partially Observed State.” (With Michael Salemi.) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. March 2015.

“Estimating Central Bank Preferences under Commitment and Discretion.” Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking. September 2012.

“Unemployment Insurance in a Sticky-Price Model with Worker Moral Hazard.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. August 2011.

“Which Price Level to Target? Strategic Delegation in a Sticky Price and Wage Economy.” Journal of Macroeconomics. December 2009.

“Generalized Method of Moments and Inverse Control.” (With Michael Salemi.) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. October 2008.

“Unemployment, Imperfect Risk Sharing, and the Monetary Business Cycle.” The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Contributions). March 2008.