George Zanjani

  • December 17th, 2018
George Zanjani
EFLS, Faculty, Finance Ph.D. Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Professor of Finance
Frank Park Samford Chair of Insurance
Education:Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2000, Economics


Focus and Current Research


Financial Institutions

Selected Publications

"What Drives Tort Reform Legislation?  Economics and Politics of the State Decisions to Restrict Liability Torts."  (With Y. Deng.)  Journal of Risk & Insurance.  Forthcoming

"Egalitarian Equivalent Capital Allocation."  (With S. Kamiya.)  North American Acturial Journal.  September 2017.

“The Marginal Cost of Risk, Risk Measures, and Capital Allocation.”  (With D. Bauer.)  Management Science.  May 2016.

“Economic Analysis of Risk and Uncertainty Induced by Health Shocks: A Review and Extension.”  (With T. J. Philipson.)  In Handbook of the Economics of Risk and Uncertainty, Volume 1. Elsevier. 2014.

“Capital Allocation and Its Discontents.”  (With D. Bauer.)  In Handbook of Insurance (2nd edition). Springer. 2013.

"Financial Pricing of Insurance.”  (With D. Bauer and R. D. Phillips).  In Handbook of Insurance(2nd edition).  New York: Springer. 2013.

“Insurance Risk, Risk Measures, and Capital Allocation: Navigating a Copernican Shift.”  (With M. R. Powers.) Annual Review of Financial Economics.  November 2013.

“Catastrophe Bonds, Reinsurance, and the Optimal Collateralization of Risk Transfer.”  (With D. Lakdawalla.) Journal of Risk & Insurance.  June 2012.

“An Economic Approach to Capital Allocation.”  Journal of Risk and Insurance.  September 2010.

“Federal Financial Exposure to Catastrophic Risk.”  (With J.D. Cummins and M. Suher.)  In Measuring and Managing Federal Financial Risk.  University of Chicago Press. 2010.

“Public versus Private Underwriting of Catastrophe Risk: Lessons from the California Earthquake Authority.” In Risking House and Home: Disasters, Cities, Public Policy. Berkeley Public Policy Press. 2008.

“Regulation, Capital, and the Evolution of Organizational Form in U.S. Life Insurance.”  American Economic Review.  June 2007.

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