Byung-Cheol Kim

  • December 17th, 2018
Byung-Cheol Kim
Economics, Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Professor of Economics
Rick and Elaine Horsley Faculty Fellow
Education:Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2007, Economics

Focus and Current Research

Industrial Organization

Applied Microeconomics

Selected Publications

"Second-degree Price Discrimination by a Two-sided Monopoly Platform." (With Doh-Shin Jeon and Domenico Menicucci.) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. Forthcoming.

"Price-match Guarantees and Investment Incentives." (With Mishal Ahmed.) Information Economics and Policy. Forthcoming.

"The Utilitarian-Maximin Social Welfare Function and Anomalies in Social Choice." (With Mark Schneider.) Southern Economic Journal. Forthcoming.

“Privacy and Personal Data Collection with Information Externalities.” (With Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon.) Journal of Public Economics. May 2019.

“Net Neutrality, Network Capacity, and Innovation at the Edges.” (With Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon.) Journal of Industrial Economics. March 2018.

"The Economics of the Right-to-be Forgotten." (With Jin-Yeub Kim.) Journal of Law and Economics. May 2017.

"Two-Sided Platform Competition with Multihoming Agents: An Empirical Study on the Daily Deals Market." (With Hyunwoo Park and Jeongsik Lee.) Information Economics and Policy. December 2017.

“Taming Drillers through Legislative Action: Evidence from Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Industry.” (With Matthew E. Oliver.) Resource and Energy Economics 2017.

"Project Selection in NIH: A Natural Experiment from ARRA.” (With Hyunwoo Park and Jeongsik Lee.) Research Policy 2015.

"Net Neutrality, Business Models, and Internet Interconnection." (With Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin Jeon.) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. 2015.

“Export Growth and Credit Constraints.” (With Tibor Besedes and Volodymyr Lugovskyy.) European Economic Review. 2014.

"Signaling, Learning and Screening Prior to Trial: Informational Implications of Preliminary Injunctions." (With Thomas. D. Jeitschko.) Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization 2013.

“Dynamic Competition in Technological Investments: An Empirical Examination of the LCD Panel Industry.” (With Jeongsik Lee and Young-mo Lim.) International Journal of Industrial Organization. 2011.

"Net Neutrality and Investment Incentives." (With Jay Pil Choi.) Rand Journal of Economics. 2010.