Amanda Ross

  • December 17th, 2018
Amanda Ross
Economics, Economics Ph.D. Faculty, EFLS, Experts, Faculty
Department:Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
Title:Reese Phifer Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor of Economics
Education:Ph.D., Syracuse University, 2011, Economics


Business, Economics

Honors, Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Amanda Ross is an applied microeconomist with focus in the areas of urban economics, public economics, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Ross' research examines the impact of public policies, such as state tax policy, bankruptcy law, and the housing voucher program, on the development of cities. Her research has been published in various outlets including American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Journal of Urban Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Economic Inquiry, Contemporary Economic Policy, and Real Estate Economics. Dr. Ross is the managing editor of the Review of Regional Studies, the journal of the Southern Regional Science Association. She earned her Ph.D. in Economics from Syracuse University and her B.A. in Economics from Binghamton University. Prior to joining Culverhouse, Dr. Ross was an Assistant Professor at West Virginia University.

Focus and Current Research

Urban Economics

Public Economics


Real Estate Economics

Economics of Crime

Selected Publications

"Conflict and Its Relationship to Climate Variability in Sub-Saharan Africa." (With Elizabeth A. Mack, Erin   Bunting, James Herndon, Richard A. Marcantonio, and Andrew Zimmer.) Science and the Total Environment. June 2021.

"Do Tourists Tip more than Local Consumers? Evidence of Taxi Rides in New York City." (With Amir Borges, Nerreiera Neto and Adam Nowak.) International Regional Science Review. 2019.

"Police Incentives, Policy Spillovers, and the Enforcement of Drug Crimes." (With Greg DeAngelo and Kaj Gittings.) Review of Law and Economics. March 2018.

“The Impact of the Cost of Car Ownership on the Housing Price Gradient in Singapore.” (With Naqun Huang and Jing Li.) Regional Science and Urban Economics. January 2018.

“The Impact of Low Priority Laws on Criminal Activity: Evidence from California.” (With Anne Walker.) Contemporary Economic Policy. April 2017.

“Do Capital Tax Incentives Attract New Businesses? Evidence across Industries from the New Markets Tax Credit.” (With Kaitlyn Harger.)  Journal of Regional Science. November 2016.

“Do New Sports Stadiums Attract New Businesses?” (With Kaitlyn Harger and Brad Humphreys.) Journal of Sports Economics. June 2016.

“Does Bankruptcy Law Affect Business Turnover?  Evidence from New and Existing Businesses.” (With Shawn M. Rohlin.) Economic Inquiry. January 2016.

“Entrepreneurship and Corruption: Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities.” (With Jamie Bologna.) Public Choice. October 2015.

“Housing Vouchers and the Price of Rental Housing.” (With Michael D. Eriksen.) American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. August 2015.

“Tax Avoidance and Business Location in a State Border Model.” (With Shawn M. Rohlin and Stuart S. Rosenthal.) Journal of Urban Economics, September 2014.

"The Impact of Housing Vouchers on Mobility and Neighborhood Attributes.” (With Michael D. Eriksen.)  Real Estate Economics. Summer 2013.

“Crime, Police, and Truth-in-Sentencing: The Impact of State Sentencing Policy on Local Communities.”  Regional Science and Urban Economics. January 2012.

“Violent Crime, Entrepreneurship, and Cities.” (With Stuart S. Rosenthal.) Journal of Urban Economics. January 2010.