Sophomore LAUNCH Prepares Students for a Future in Business

  • February 02, 2018

Students hear from a panel of Culverhouse Marketing faculty about course offerings and professional development opportunities.

TUSCALOOSA, ALA.--- Culverhouse’s sophomores were able to participate in a weeklong “boot camp” that was designed to accelerate their careers.

The Culverhouse College of Commerce hosted its first annual Sophomore LAUNCH Jan. 22-26, 2018. Sophomores were able to attend that showcased various majors and or minors, receive internship and career advice, and get course advising for the summer and fall 2018 semesters. 

"Sophomore LAUNCH is a new program at Culverhouse to help our students get the information they need to make those career path decisions,” said Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, David Mothersbaugh. “Sophomore students are at a very important career inflection point.  As they prepare to move to the upper division they have to figure out their career path including decisions about major, minor/specialty area, study abroad, and internships.”

The program kicked off on Monday with an evening internship and career session in Alston Parlor. Throughout the whole week, sophomores were able to attend spotlight sessions on each of Culverhouse’s eight majors and spotlight sessions on Culverhouse programs and certificates. Events ended with an all-day open house at the Career Center and a Sophomore Signing Day through Academic Advising. 

"Attendance across over 40 events exceeded 1,100, with over 500 students engaging, many attending 2 or more sessions,” Mothersbaugh said. "This was a true college-wide event and could only have happened with the amazing effort of every unit including all Departments and Programs, Academic Advising, the Career Center at Culverhouse, our Events and Communications Teams, our student Culverhouse Ambassadors, and our SGA Business Senators."