Celebrating the Contributions of Culverhouse Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff awards celebration

In the evening of Thursday, April 27, the Culverhouse College of Business recognized the hard work and contributions of its team at its annual faculty and staff awards celebration.

  • Instructional Excellence Award for Renewable Contract: Brad Casselman
  • Instructional Excellence-Untenured Tenure Track Faculty: Michelle Daniels
  • Thomas Moore Endowed Teaching Award: Alan Tidwell
  • BOV Teaching Achievement Award: Joe Calamusa and Chris Whaley
  • Early Achievement in Research Award: Iman Dayarian
  • BOV Research Achievement Award: Nick Freeman
  • BOV Outstanding Service Award: Troy Pollard
  • BOV Outstanding Service Award for Professional Staff: Emma Darling
  • BOV Outstanding Service Award: Paula Barrentine
  • BOV Outstanding Spirit Award: Isaiah Young
  • Culverhouse Teamwork Award: Matt McMillian
  • Culverhouse Student Impact Award: Trent Gooden and Dixie Hamner
  • Dedication to Professional Education Award: Alaina Peoples
  • John Bickley Innovation and Creativity Award: Quoc Hoang
  • Dean’s Service Award: Robert McLeod and Joyce Meyer

Furthermore, the College welcomed two new inductees to its Faculty Hall of Fame, Dr. Charles Leathers and Dr. Charles Schmidt.

The evening also presented the opportunity to recognize recent retirees Cheryl Altemara, Larry Baldwin, Karen Chapman, Dave Hale, Joanne Hale, Gorman Houston, Dana Merchant, Tom Morgan, and Susan Newman.

See and download photos from the event here.


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