Institute of Business Analytics

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About the Institute of Business Analytics

This Institute of Business Analytics (IBA) is a collaborative resource for both the Culverhouse College of Business and University-wide research activities.  Our interdisciplinary team seeks to develop and cultivate analytics expertise through evidence-based research via communicating applied research discoveries and approaches with analytically focused students and various corporate and government partners with underutilized data. 

The IBA is a division of the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business and has leadership appointments through the Department of Information Systems, Statistics, and Management Science (ISM), the Department of Management, and the Dean’s Office. Additionally, the IBA is supported through the University’s Office for Research and Economic Development.

Mission of the IBA

To promote the creation, translation and dissemination of knowledge through applied analytic science research and collaborations with interdisciplinary researchers, students, and the community at large. 

Our Services

The IBA seeks to provide a platform in which organizations, academic faculty and talented students are brought together to focus on applied analytics research. 


One of our core activities is to connect Culverhouse’s corporate partners’ data with analytically trained faculty, staff and students that can develop solutions for real-world problems. These collaborations most often manifest in the form of aiding organizations with utilization and understanding of their data via research methodology, data analysis, and computational statistics. Results from these endeavors can empower organizations to develop solutions and make evidence based decisions on a variety of problems. 


The IBA’s specialty includes the application, development, and implementation of analytic methodologies for applied research as well as support for various disciplines. Historically, research support has been the core function of the IBA team. Research activities that we assist with include:

  • Analytic applications in industry
  • Study design for extramurally funded research proposals
  • Manuscript development
  • Consultative services

Experiential Learning

Culverhouse’s core mission is to develop students beyond the classroom to pursue rigorous goals, develop a capacity for innovation in the most competitive of fields and to remain relevant in a changing, global business environment. A goal of the IBA is to give students with an academic focus in analytics the opportunity to apply techniques learned in the classroom to various questions posed by the University at large or our corporate partners. Currently, these opportunities come in the form of graduate research assistantships (GRA). However, we are working to incorporate more interaction between students at all levels and our applied research endeavors. Stay tuned for more collaborations with the Culverhouse Center for Experiential Learning.