Master of Science in Marketing with Analytics Specialization

The University of Alabama’s online Master of Science in Marketing with a specialization in Marketing Analytics is designed to prepare current and future marketing professionals with the skills they need to be competitive in a data-driven field.

Capturing consumer information has become easier than ever and the increase in data has created a demand for analysts capable of applying analytical methods within a marketing framework.

UA’s Culverhouse College of Commerce is a leader in data management and analytics education. The online format allows you to learn from the same on-campus faculty who are leading the nation in this area. In addition to traditional marketing courses such as Marketing Project Management and Global Market Management, you will take classes in Advanced Marketing Analysis and Data Mining. You will develop proficiency with software such as SAS/SAS SQL and SPSS skills that are highly sought after by employers.

The online MSM with a specialization in analytics prepares you to be a leader in market research by supplying you with decision-making skills and teaching you to better reach your customers through a data-driven approach.

Required Courses

  • MKT 530 - Advanced Marketing Analysis IBA 550 - Global
  • Business IBA 555 - Global Market Management IBA 560 -
  • Advanced Import/Export Strategy MKT 595 - Marketing Project
  • Management MKT 596 - Capstone Project
  • ST 560 - Statistical Methods
  • ST 521 - Statistical Data Management
  • ST 522 - Advanced Statistical Data Management
  • ST 531 - Data Mining I
  • ST 532 - Advanced Data Mining
Director of Specialty
Masters Program

Jan Jones
101 Bidgood Hall