Online Master of Arts in Management

The Master of Arts in Management is an online only program. Managing a business is challenging. Managing a business off-site is more challenging. That's why the Online Master of Arts in Management, with a concentration in Global Business Management, lets students develop the skills and disciplines to manage businesses face-to-face even when they are far from back-to-back. Students in this program learn the complexities of managing in a global arena.

Graduates of this program will understand the degree to which globalization has changed the way management is practiced in today's society and how it has influenced the need for managers who can learn online and manage offshore.

Required Courses

  • AC 506 - Managerial Accounting

  • OM 525 - Effective Quality Management
  • ST 560 - Statistical Methods in Research I
  • EC 500 - Managerial Economics
  • FI 504 - Financial Management
  • IBA 550 - Global Business
  • IBA 555 - International Marketing
  • MGT 517 - Leadership/Ethics
  • GBA 525 - Business Policy (Global Capstone Course)




Choose one of the following:

  • IBA 460/560 - Export-Import Management
  • ST 575 - Statistical Quality Control
  • MGT 582 - New Venture Development
  • OM 500 - Management Science and Spreadsheet Modeling


Director of Specialty Masters Program
Jan Jones
101 Bidgood Hall


  • How do I apply to an Online Master Program?

    All application materials are available at

  • Is the GRE or GMAT required?

    Candidates must provide valid scores for either the GMAT or GRE. GMAT is preferred, but the GRE is also accepted.

  • Do distance students have to complete Bama Bound Orientation or obtain ACTION Cards?

    Distance learners do not have to attend Bama Bound Orientation. 

  • How do I contact my academic advisor?

    Jan Jones is distance learning advisor for graduate students. Due to appointments and processing deadlines, email your questions to