Master of Tax Accounting

Whether working federally, for a major corporation or as a personal accountant, tax accounting is one of the fastest changing fields in business. The Master of Tax Accounting degree program takes a multi-dimensional approach to educating the modern tax specialist. The program develops the taxation system and the interrelationships that exist between it and accounting theory, a knowledge of the law as it relates to taxation, and the tools necessary for research and communication in taxation. Graduates are prepared to research tax, legal and accounting databases related to tax problems and to make tax-related decisions. By drawing on their comprehensive knowledge of accounting and taxation, Manderson graduates always come out ahead.

Required Courses

Students are required to complete a minimum of 31 hours of approved coursework beyond the undergraduate degree. At least 18 of these hours must be coursework in the major field. A minimum of 24 hours must be taken in courses open only to graduate students, and 15 of these must be in courses in accounting and taxation at The University of Alabama. Students are also required to complete Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting, either prior to entering the program or as part of the M.T.A. degree.

***NOTE: Students must take at least a 12 hour course load in the Fall and Spring semesters, and a 6 hour course load in the summer semester in order to meet the requirements for August graduation. 

  • AC 575 - Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders
  • AC 576 - Advanced Corporate Taxation
  • AC 578 - Partnership Taxation
  • AC 593 - Research & Communication in Taxation


Electives **


  • AC 512 - Advanced Financial Reporting & Analysis (Required if not taken in your undergraduate program)
  • AC 523 - Business Valuation & Performance Measurement
  • AC 556 - Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting
  • LAW 647 - Estate & Gift Taxation
  • LAW 641 - Tax Practice & Procedure
  • LAW 761 - International Taxation
  • AC 582/LAW 650 - State & Local Taxation
  • LAW 732 - Employee Benefits
  • LAW 796 - Tax-Exempt Organizations

Alternate electives (One of these courses must be taken as an elective if neither one was taken in your undergraduate program)

  • AC 532 - Advanced Governance, Risk Assessment & Assurance *
  • AC 534 - Fraud Risk Management*


** Elective courses are based an academic year availability.  All electives are not offered every year.

Students planning on sitting for the CPA exam in the state of Alabama need three financial accounting courses, two auditing courses, one governmental accounting course and two law courses. Students should select three classes from the above list of electives if not taken during undergraduate school. 

The Culverhouse School of Accountancy awards scholarships to eligible students in the Master of Accountancy or Master of Tax Accounting program based on factors such as merit or need, depending upon the underlying scholarship agreements. In order to apply for a scholarship through these programs, please download and complete the Accounting Scholarship form in Adobe Acrobat and send it by email to Mrs. Mariel Knight ( This application also automatically enters students into the candidate pool for assistantship opportunities. Instructions are provided within the PDF, but please feel free to contact Mrs. Knight with any further questions.*** Both permanent and local addresses must be completed on the application. If students are away on internship, they will need to list their local college address, not their temporary internship address, as their local mailing address.***