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The Culverhouse School of Accountancy at The University of Alabama offers two master’s degree programs: the Master of Accountancy and the Master of Tax Accounting. Both programs, in combination with the prerequisite undergraduate accounting coursework, provide graduates with the accounting courses required to sit for the CPA exam. Furthermore, each program provides graduates with the necessary development of key skills and attributes to facilitate their growth as accounting professionals. The Master of Accountancy degree program is designed for students whose primary career interests are accounting and assurance services. The program prepares students for professional careers in these fields by focusing on the development of research, cognitive thinking, interpersonal and communicative skills.

Students must take a minimum of 30 hours of graduate courses, including a minimum of 21 hours of accounting courses. Up to nine elective hours, as approved by an advisor, may be chosen from 500-level courses and must be approved by the coordinator of the MAcc program. Students cannot receive graduate credit for a course if they have taken an equivalent course at the undergraduate level. Another accounting course should be substituted with the approval of the coordinator of the MAcc program. 

Students are encouraged to take electives in disciplines such as Data Mining, Business Analytics, Real Estate, and Finance. However, students are free to choose their own elective tracks.


Common body of knowledge for undergraduate business degree in addition to the following Accounting courses.

  • AC 310 - Financial Reporting
  • AC 311 - Analysis of Business Activities
  • AC 361 - Cost analysis for Planning and Control
  • AC 371 - Introduction to Taxation
  • AC 389 - Accounting Information Systems Development, Operation, and Control
  • AC 432 - Instroduction to Corporate Governance, Risk Assessment, and Assurance Services
  • AC 456 - Non-Profit Accounting
  • AC 471 - Taxation of Business Transactions & Organizations

Students who have an undergraduate accounting degree from another university and have not taken AC 456 and/or AC 471 (or their equivalents), must take AC 556 and/or AC 471 for graduate credit.

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The Culverhouse School of Accountancy awards scholarships to eligible students in the Master of Accountancy or Master of Tax Accounting program based on factors such as merit or need, depending upon the underlying scholarship agreements. In order to apply for a scholarship through these programs, please download and complete the Accounting Scholarship form in Adobe Acrobat, and send it by email to Mrs. Mariel Knight ( This application also automatically enters students into the candidate pool for assistantship opportunities. Instructions are provided within the PDF, but please feel free to contact Mrs. Knight with any further questions. ***Both permanent and local addresses must be completed on the application. If students are away on internship, they will need to list their local college address, not their temporary internship address, as their local mailing address.***