In pursuit of our mission, vision, and values, the Culverhouse College of Commerce is dedicated to aggressive pursuit of ethics and ethics education that complements the rigorous technical training in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Our focus on ethics is consistent with the university's Code of Academic Conduct. We take ethics and character seriously!

Ethics Advisory Committee

The College's Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC) helps develop and oversee the college's ethics program. The EAC works with the Dean, faculty, staff, students, and university's Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility to implement existing ethics initiatives and seek innovative, proactive methods for promoting ethics and character development. Members of the 2016-2017 EAC include:


Personal Code of Ethics

The College has a Personal Code of Ethics (PCE) program that requires all students to consider and communicate their personal assortment of virtues, vices, and ethical priorities as they develop personally and professionally. The PCE is a critical part of the Ethics Program because it provides a formal opportunity for all students to develop personal standards of conduct that they can apply both in and out of class. 

Certificate in Ethics and Social Responsibility

All students in the College can earn a Certificate in Ethics and Social Responsibility. The Certificate program provides a structured path for students to develop advanced involvement in ethics and social responsibility issues. The ultimate goal of the program is to help students become more attuned to the ethical dimensions of their daily decisions through the activities required to attain this certificate. For additional detail, see Guidelines and Application for the Certificate in Ethics and Social Responsibility.

J. Craig Smith Business Ethics Lecture Series

The J. Craig Smith Business Ethics Lecture Series brings in select guest speakers with unique perspectives on the ethical challenges inherent in business. Previous speakers include Alton Sizemore, Bill Battle, Cynthia Cooper, Walt Pavlo, Alice Martin, John Allison, and Drayton Nabers.  We are very pleased to announce our upcoming 2017 meeting:

2017 J. Craig Smith Business Ethics Lecturer
Kay Palan
Dean, Culverhouse College of Commerce

J. Craig Smith Integrity Award

The J. Craig Smith Integrity Award recognizes outstanding students in the college who consistently exemplifies the values on which J. Craig Smith built his business career and personal life. These values are honesty, integrity, and compassion. The student receiving this annual award exhibits strong character, clear signs of progressive ethical thinking, and a commitment to advancing the quality of life in the wider community, especially for those less fortunate.

2015-2016 Winners: Kaitlyn Haefer, Grace Hudgins, Polly Rickets, Shirin Torabinejad
2014-2015 Winners: Sarah Kim, Nathan Miklovic, Kendall Roden, Abby Snyder
2013-2014 Winners: Hayley Ginn, David Hose, Erika McCalpine, John Pounders 

Academic Honor Council

The University of Alabama Academic Honor Council was established as a means of providing student voices in matters related to academic integrity. The Council is an appellate and judicial body comprised of student justices who strive to promote an atmosphere of integrity on campus. The Council exists under The University's expectation that all students are to be honorable and to observe standards of conduct appropriate to a community of scholars.  The College also has an Academic Honor Council comprised of student representatives.

2016-2017 Academic Honor Council Members in the Culverhouse College of Commerce: Mara Stewart (Chief Justice), Ciara Duggins, Nick Frahm, Elizabeth Kantzler, Jessica McTier, Hunter Morrissette, Gretchen Pokrant, Daniel Seehase, and Jessica Stroh.