Uzma Raja

Professor and Doctoral Program Coordinator (MIS)

Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science

Phone: 205-348-7688
Email: uraja@culverhouse.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Software Development and maintenance, Open Source Software (OSS), Data Mining and Text Mining.


Ph.D (MIS) Texas A&M University

M.S. (MIS) Texas A&M University

B. Sc. (Electrical Engineering) University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Raja’s research is focused on investigating information systems evolution and the organizational factors that impact the long term success of these systems. She has specifically focused on investigating Open Source Software project evaluation and evolution. She has expertise in Data Mining and Text Mining, which she has employed extensively in her research. Her areas of research include software evolution, open source software and health information systems.

Dr. Raja is an active member of the IS research community. She has presented her research in various conferences e.g. IEEE conference on Software Engineering, INFORMS and SUGI. She has also been an invited speaker at University of Louisville, University of Central Florida, SAS Educator's conference, SUGI and M2006. In 2005, she was selected the SAS Student Ambassador and her paper won the best paper award at SUGI. She was the Co-Chair of OASIS 2012, a Pre-ICIS workshop. She is a member of the advisory council of the Business Intelligence Congress III.

Her research has been published in journals such as IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, Information Technology and Management, Information Resource Management Journal, Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution and Journal of Health Information Management Systems.

She is a member of AIS, IEEE, INFORMS and ACM. Prior to Academia, she has had extensive experience in systems development and maintenance during her seven years at a global consulting company.

Selected Publications

Raja, U. " All complaints are not created equal: text analysis of open source software defect reports" Empirical Software Engineering (Forthcoming)

Raja, U. and Ishfaq, R. “Task-Resource Capability Alignment: Discerning Staffing and Service Issues in Software Maintenance.” Information Resource Management Journal (Forthcoming).

Raja, U. and Tretter, M. J. “Defining and Evaluating a Measure of Open Source Project Survivability." IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering ( Forthcoming: TSE-2009-10-0294).

Raja, U., Hale, D.P., and Hale, J.E. “Temporal Patterns of Software Evolution Defects: A Comparative Analysis of Open and Closed Source Projects.” Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (Forthcoming).

Raja, U. and Tretter, M. J. (2011) “Predicting Open Source Software Project Success: A Data Mining Approach.” International Journal of Systems Modeling and Design Vol. 2, No 4, pp 27-48.

Raja, U., McManus D. J. Hardin, J.M. Haynes, B. C. (2011) “Collaborative Rural Healthcare Network: A Conceptual Model.” International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies Vol. 5, No 3.

Raja, U. and Tretter, M. J. (2010) "Developing Taxonomy of Software Patches: A Text Mining Approach". Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution Vol 23, No 2, pp 69-87.

Melouk, S. Raja, U., and Keskin, B. B. (2010) “Managing Resource Allocation and Task Prioritization Decisions in Large Scale Virtual Collaborative Development Projects. “ Information Resource Management Journal Vol. 23, No 2. pp 53-76.

Raja, U. and Tretter, M. J. (2009) “Antecedents of OSS performance: A Data Mining Approach to Model Formulation, Testing and Validation.” Information Technology and Management Vol. 10, No. 4. pp 235-251 .

Raja, U., Hale, D.P., and Hale, J.E. (2009). “Modeling Software Defects: A Time Series Approach.” Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution. Vol. 21, No 1. pp 49-71.

Raja, U., Mitchell, T., Day, T., and Hardin, J. M. (2008). “Text Mining Clinical records: Opportunities and Challenges.” Journal of Health Information Management Systems. Vol. 22, No 3. pp 52-56.

Raja, U. and Barry, E.J. (2005). “Investigating quality in large-scale Open Source Software.” ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes. Vol. 30, No 4. pp 1-4.