Troy Pollard

Assistant Professor

Culverhouse School of Accountancy

Phone: 205-348-8979

Focus and Current Research

Financial Reporting

International Accounting Standards


PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder

MACC, Weber State University

BACC, Weber State University

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Research Advisory Board Grant, Center for Audit Quality. (2017).

Best Paper Award, AAA - Western. (2016).

Gerald Hart Doctoral Research Fellowship, University of Colorado. (2012).

KPMG Teaching Award, University of Colorado. (2012).

LEAD Graduate Teacher, University of Colorado. (2012).

Selected Publications

Cussatt, M., L. Huang, and T. Pollard. Accounting Quality under U.S. GAAP vs. IFRS: The Case of Germany. Journal of International Accounting Research (forthcoming).

DeZoort, F. T., Pollard, T. J., Schnee, E. J. 2018. A Study of Perceived Ethicality of Low Corporate Effective Tax Rates. Accounting Horizons 32 (1): 87-104.

Pollard, T. J., Gunny, K., Abbott, L. (2017). The Impact of Litigation Risk on Audit Pricing Behavior: Evidence from Reverse Mergers. Contemporary Accounting Research, 34(2), 101-118.

Pollard, T. J., Burnett, B., Jorgensen, B. (2017). The Stock Market Reaction to Losing or Gaining Foreign Private Issuer Status. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 36(2), 101-118.

Pollard, T. J. (2016). Sneaking in the Backdoor? An Evaluation of Reverse Mergers and IPOs. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 47(2), 305-341.