Tommy Cooper

Instructor of Finance

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Phone: 205-348-7076
Email: tcooper@culverhouse.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Mergers and Acquisitions

Investment Banking

Venture Capital

Accounting Scandals

Insider Trading

Corporate Governance


Ph.D., The University of Alabama, 2007, Finance

M.A., The University of Alabama, 2002, Finance

B.S., Auburn University, 1996

M.Acc., Auburn University, 1996, Accounting

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

“Best Paper” award, CFA-JCF-Schulich Conference on Financial Market Misconduct. (2014).

Selected Publications

"Corporate Governance Consequences of Accounting Scandals: Evidence from Top Management, CFO and Auditor Turnover." (With Anup Agrawal.) Quarterly Journal of Finance. February 2017.

"Insider Trading Before Accounting Scandals." (With Anup Agrawal.) Journal of Corporate Finance. October 2015.

"Do Regulatory Changes Affect the Underpricing of European IPOs?" (With Ali Akyol, Michele Meoli, and Silvio Vismara.) Journal of Banking & Finance. August 2014.

"Common Advisors in Mergers and Acquisitions: Determinants and Consequences." (With Anup Agrawal, Qin Lian, and Qiming Wang.) Journal of Law and Economics. August 2013.

"Accounting Scandals in IPO Firms: Do Underwriters and VCs Help?" (With Anup Agrawal.) Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. Winter 2010.