The University of Alabama

Yana Melnykov

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science

Phone: 205-348-6085

Focus and Current Research

Change Point Inference

Multivariate Statistics​​​​​​​

Classification Analysis​​​​​​​


M.S. in Applied Statistics, North Dakota State University

Ph.D. in Applied Statistics, University of Alabama​​​​​​​

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

I received a Research Fellowship supported by Lockheed Martin Corporation to work on the project "Studying contributions of variables to classification‚ which was published in Statistics and Probability Letters. Despite the above-mentioned research achievements, my main scientific interests lie in the areas of statistical quality control and change point inference. I work on the methodological developments and applications of the change point detection and estimation. 

I am also a recipient of Jeff Kurkjian Teaching Award and an appreciation letter from the President of the University of Alabama as the recognition of my teaching performance.

Selected Publications

Y. Melnykov, V. Melnykov, and X. Zhu (2017), Studying contributions of variables to classification, Statistics and Probability Letters, 129, 318-325

Y. Melnykov, M. Perry, and V. Melnykov, Robust change point detection and estimation with matrix Manly distribution (under review)​​​​​​​

Y. Melnykov and M. Perry, Effective change point detection and estimation in multivariate linear models (under review)​​​​​​​