Russell Matthews

John Miller Professor of Management


Phone: 205-348-6289
Email: ramatthews2@culverhouse.ua.edu
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Focus and Current Research

Employee Well-Being

Work-Family Interface

Workplace Mistreatment

Research Methodology


Ph.D., University of Conneticut

M.A., University of Conneticut

B.S., Texas Christian University

Selected Publications

Matthews, R. A., & Ritter, K. J. (2016). A concise, content valid, gender invariant measure of workplace incivility. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 21(3), 352-365.

Ritter, K.J., Matthews, R.A., Ford, M.T., & Henderson, A.A. (2016). Understanding role stressors and job satisfaction over time using adaptation theory. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 1655-1669.

Spitzmueller, C., Wang, Z., Matthews, R.A., Fisher, G. G., Perks, C., Zhang, J. & Strathearn, L. (2016). Got Milk? Workplace factors related to breastfeeding among working mothers. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37(5), 692–718.

Matthews, R. A., Wayne, J.H., & Ford, M. T. (2014). A work–family conflict/subjective well-being process model: A test of competing theories of longitudinal effects. Journal of Applied Psychology99, 1173-1187.

Ford, M. T., Matthews, R. A., Wooldridge, J. D., Mishra, V., Kakar, U., & Strahn, S. R. (2014). How do occupational stressor-strain effects vary with time? A review and meta-analysis of the relevance of time lags in longitudinal studies. Work & Stress, 28, 9-30.

Wayne, J. H, Casper, W. J., Matthews, R. A., & Allen, T. D. (2013). Employee family-supportive organization perceptions and organizational commitment: The mediating role of partner attitudes. Journal of Applied Psychology98, 606-622.