Jef Naidoo

Assistant Professor of Management and The Derrell Thomas Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellow


Phone: 205-348-5869
Email: jsnaidoo@culverhouse.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Visual Analytics

Text Analytics

Human Centered Design


Ph.D., University of Alabama

Selected Publications

Naidoo, J., Dulek, R. LEading by tweeting: Are daens doing it? An exploratory analysis of tweets by SEC business school deans. International Journal of Business Communication. 54(1), 31-45.

Naidoo, J. S., Huber, J. T., Cupp, P., & Wu, Q. Modeling the relationship between an emerging infectious disease epidemic and the body of scientific literature associated with it: The case of HIV/AIDS in the United States. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. 64.

Campbell, K. S., Carmichael, P., & Naidoo, J. S.Responding to hostitliy: Evidence-based guidance for communication during planned organizational change. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. 78(2), 197-214.

Campbell, K. S., Naidoo, J. S. Rhetorical move structure in high-tech marketing white papers. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 31(!), 94-118.

Naidoo, J. S., Campbell, K. S. (2014). A genre analysis of high-tech marketing white papers: A report of reserach-in-progress. PRofessional Communication Conference (IPCC), 2014 IEEE International, 1-7.

Campbell, K. S., Amare, N., Kane, E., Manning, A. D., & Naidoo, J. S. Plain-Style Preferences of US Professionals, IEEE TRansactions on Professional Communication. 60(4), 401-411.