Josh Pierce

Robert Hunt Cochrane/Alabama Banker’s Endowed Chair of Banking

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Phone: 205-348-8962
Email: jpierce15@cba.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Banking, Corporate Finance


Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2007, Finance

Selected Publications

“New Evidence on Managerial Labor Markets: An Analysis of CEO Retreads” (with C. Edward Fee and Charles J. Hadlock) Journal of Corporate Finance. Forthcoming

“Robust Models of CEO Turnover: New Evidence on Relative Performance Evaluation.” (With C. E. Fee, C. J. Hadlock, and J. Huang.) Review of Corporate Finance Studies. Forthcoming.

"Bank Debt, Flexibility, and the Use of Proceeds from Asset Sales.” (With C. E. Fee, H. Seo, and S. Yan), Journal of Financial Services Research. August 2014.

“Managers With and Without Style: Evidence using Exogenous Variation.” (With C. E. Fee and C. J. Hadlock.) Review of Financial Studies. March 2013.

"What Happens in Acquisitions? Evidence from Brand Sales and Advertising Expenditures.” (With C. E. Fee and C.J. Hadlock.) Journal of Corporate Finance. June 2012.

"New Evidence on Measuring Financial Constraints: Moving Beyond the KZ Index."(With C. J. Hadlock.) Review of Financial Studies. May 2010.

“Investment, Financing Constraints, and Internal Capital Markets: Evidence from the Advertising Expenditures of Multinational Firm.” (With C. E. Fee and C. J. Hadlock.) Review of Financial Studies. June 2009.

“Promotions in the Internal and External Labor Market: Evidence from Professional Football Coaching Careers.” (With C. E. Fee and C. J. Hadlock.) Journal of Business. March 2006.

“Business School Rankings and Business School Deans: A Study of Nonprofit Governance.” (With C. E. Fee and C. J. Hadlock.) Financial Management. Spring 2005.