Jack Clampit

Assistant Professor


Phone: 205-348-2649
Email: jclampit@culverhouse.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Dr. Jack Clampit studies the impact of managerial decisions on performance outcomes in heterogeneous institutional settings, within and across firms. For example, he has written about cross-border teams and firm performance, individual and collective employee turnover around the world, and global corporate entrepreneurship processes and results (such as the generation of knowledge that results in innovation).

Due to its multilevel and interdisciplinary nature, Dr. Clampit tends to publish papers in management outlets with an international focus (e.g., Journal of World Business, Management International Review, and International Business Review), while grounding his research in psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and anthropology.

Dr. Clampit is also a firm believer that scholars should adopt a holistic work perspective. Therefore, he highly values solid teaching (especially via experiential methods, e.g., simulations, case studies, real-world projects), service, and collegiality, in addition to scholarship. And his scholarship includes publications in his area's top pedagogy outlet, top practitioner outlet, and outlets that focus on societal outcomes (e.g., global poverty alleviation, sustainable development). 


Ph.D., University of Memphis; M.B.A., University of North Florida; B.A., Florida State University

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

As of 2018, Dr. Clampit has won, or been a finalist for, five (5) Best Paper and two (2) Best Reviewer awards, from organizations such as the Southern Management Association and the Academy of International Business (e.g., he was a finalist for AIB's "Most Interesting" paper at the 2017 meeting in Dubai).

Dr. Clampit is also a regular reviewer at various journals, including Decision Sciences, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Management Review, and Journal of Change Management.

Specializing in international management, Dr. Clampit has also taught overseas, as a Visiting Professor at EAFIT University's (Colombia) graduate school, and during overseas consulting projects (as part of his global management class in the Manderson Graduate School's Executive MBA program). His stateside teacher ratings typically range from 4.5 to 5.0 (four 5.0 ratings) on a 5.0 scale, while teaching management and international business courses to undergraduates and graduate students online, and in person.

Prior to moving to Tuscaloosa, he helped the University of Memphis win a fully matched $1.6 million grant to fund its Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), and helped administer various CIBER programs (such as its Faculty Development in International Business program that helped internationalize the business schools of over 50 Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Prior to joining academia, Dr. Clampit worked for a Fortune 500 company and started several businesses (including an import.export company). He was also a former Dale Carnegie teaching assistant and a Paul Harris Fellow at Rotary International.

Selected Publications

* (2017) Distance is a Janus: An Exploratory Study of Offshored Innovation, International Marketing Review (with M Lorenz & J Ramsey)

* (2016) Emerging Market MNE Cross-border Acquisition Equity Participation: The role of Economic and Knowledge Distance, International Business Review (with N Gaffney & R Karst)

(2015) Emerging Market Multinationals: Coopitition for Global Growth, Thunderbird International Business Review (with N Gaffney & B Kedia)

* (2015) Offshoring Satisfaction: The Role of Partnership Credibility and Cultural Complementarity, Journal of World Business (With Frances Fabian, Nolan Gaffney, and Ben Kedia)

(2014) Internationalizing Business Schools at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Journal of Teaching in International Business (With Nolan Gaffney and Ben Kedia)

(2014) Institutional Transitions, Global Mindset, and Emerging Multinationals, European Management Journal, 32: 383-391 (With Danielle Cooper, Nolan Gaffney, and Ben Kedia)

* (2013) A Resource Dependence Perspective of EMNE FDI Strategy, International Business Review, 22 (6): 1092-1100 (With Nolan Gaffney and Ben Kedia)

* (2012) Emerging Multinationals and Knowledge-Seeking FDI, Management International Review, 52 (2): 155-173 (With Nolan Gaffney and Ben Kedia)

(2012) The Role of Institutions and MNEs in Economic Development In M Demirbag and G Wood (Eds), Handbook of Institutional Approaches to International Business Pgs: 173-203 (With Nolan Gaffney and Ben Kedia)

(2011) Institutions, MNEs, and Sustainable Development In S Jain and B Kedia (Eds), Enhancing Global Competitiveness through Sustainable Environmental Stewardship Pgs: 70-108 (With Nolan Gaffney and Ben Kedia)

* “A” level outlets (ABDC Journal Quality List)