Vishal Gupta

Associate Professor


Phone: 205-348-8427
Email: vkgupta@culverhouse.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Entrepreneurial Strategic Orientation

Corporate Governance

Gender In Management

Austrian Economics

Women Entrepreneurship


Ph.D., University of Missouri

Selected Publications

Gupta, V. K., Han, S., Mortal, S. C., Silveri, S., & Turban, D. M. 2018. Do women CEOs face greater threat of shareholder activism compared to male entrepreneurs? A role congruity perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(2), 228-236.

Gupta, V. K., Chiles, T. H., & McMullen, J. 2016. A process perspective on evaluating and conducting effectual entrepreneurship research. Academy of Management Review, 41(3), 440-444.

Engelen, A., Gupta, V. K., Strenger, L., & Brettel, M. 2015. Entrepreneurial orientation, firm performance, and the moderating role of transformational leadership: A six-country study. Journal of Management, 41: 1069-1097.

Gupta, V. K., Goktan, A. B., & Gunay, G. 2014. Gender differences in evaluation of new business opportunity: A stereotype threat perspective. Journal of Business Venturing, 29(2), 273-288.

Gupta, V. K., Turban, D., & Pareek, A. 2013. Differences between men and women in opportunity evaluation as a function of gender stereotypes and stereotype activation. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 37(4), 771-788.

Wales, W., Gupta, V. K., & Moussa, F. 2013. Empirical research on entrepreneurial orientation: An assessment and suggestions for future research. International Small Business Journal, 31(4), 357-383.