Lixiong Guo

Assistant Professor of Finance

Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies

Phone: 205-348-2965
Email: lguo@cba.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance

Mergers and Acquisitions

Executive Compensation

Insider Trading


Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 2011, Finance

Selected Publications

"Board Structure and Monitoring: New Evidence from CEO Turnovers." (With R. Masulis.) Review of Financial Studies. June 2015.

"Tradeoffs Between Internal and External Governance: Evidence from Exogenous Regulatory Shocks." (With P. Lach and S. Mobbs.) Financial Management. March 2015.

“Learning from Forced CEO Turnover Experience.” (With J. Ellis and S. Mobbs.) Working Paper.

“Globalization and Insider Trading: Evidence from Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions.” (With X. Zhang.) Working Paper.

“Labor Unemployment Benefits and Corporate Takeovers.” (With J. Kong.) Working Paper.

“Generalists versus Specialists: The Board’s Perception of CEO General Skill and CEO Pay.” (With Z. Liu.) Working Paper.

“Overconfident CEOs as Outside Directors: Are They Facilitators for Innovation.” (With P. Huang and Y. Lu.) Working Paper.

“CEO Power and Mergers and Acquisitions.” (With N. Gong.) Working Paper.

“Information Quality and CEO Turnover.” (With R. Masulis.) Working Paper.