Gary Taylor

Associate Professor

Culverhouse School of Accountancy

Phone: 205-348-4658

Focus and Current Research

Financial Reporting

Firm Valuation


PhD, Ohio State University-Main Campus

BS, Ohio University-Main Campus

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Winner, The University of Alabama Alumni Teaching Award. (2003).

Editorial Review Board Member, Accounting in the Public Interest. (April 2009 - Present).

Associate Editor, Journal of International Accounting Auditing and Taxation. (January 2008 - December 2013).

Selected Publications

Taylor, G. K., Ruch, G. (2015). Accounting Conservatism: A Review of the Literature. Journal of Accounting Literature.

Robbins, W. A., Taylor, G. K. (2014). What CPAs Need to Know about the FRF for SMEs. CPA Journal, 84(10), 22-27.

Taylor, G. K., Xu, R. Effect of Earnings Management on Firms’ Stock Repurchases Behavior. Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 22.

Taylor, G. K., Garven, S. (2015). Big 4 Auditor Office Size, Analysts’ Annual Earnings Forecasts and Client Earnings Management Behavior. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 19(3).

Robbins, W. A., Taylor, G. K. (2014). Corporate Governance Practices: An Exploratory Study of the U.S. Nonprofit Healthcare Sector. American International Journal of Social Science, 3(3).

Taylor, G. K., Chen, K., Ramanan, R., Sommers, G. (2013). Fair Value’s Affect on Accounting’s Ability to Predict Future Cash Flows. Business Renaissance Quarterly, 8(2).

Robbins, W. A., Taylor, G. K. (2013). Management Accounting Systems Adaptation: Evidence and Performance Implications from the Nonprofit Healthcare Sector. International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 4(8), 939-953.

Taylor, G. K., Dugan, M., Slade, C. Ethical Issues Related to Earnings Management: An Instructional Case. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, (forthcoming).

Additional Articles:

"Accruals and Value/Glamour Anomalies: The Same or Related Phenomena?" Co-author Randall Xu (former Ph. D. student). International Journal of Business and Management Volume 6.9 (2011) pp. 14-23. 

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