Michael Ford

Associate Professor


Phone: 205-348-4851
Email: mtford@culverhouse.ua.edu
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Focus and Current Research

Occupational Health, Stress, and Safety

Emotions and Motivation

Employee-Organization Relationship

Work-Life Balance



Ph.D., George Mason University

B.A., Hamilton College

Selected Publications

Kurtessis, J., Eisenberger, R., Ford, M. T., Buffardi, L. C., Stewart, K. A., & Adis, C. S. (2017). Perceived organizational support: A meta-analytic evaluation of organizational support theory.Journal of Management, 43, 1854-1884.

Ritter, K-J., Matthews, R. A., Ford, M.T., & Henderson, A. A. (2016). Understanding role stressors and job satisfaction over time using adaptation theory. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 1655-1669.

Cerasoli, C. P., Nicklin, J., & Ford, M. T. (2014). Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic incentives jointly predict performance: A 40-year-meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 140, 908-1008.

Robbins, J. M., Ford, M. T., & Tetrick, L. E. (2012). Perceived unfairness and employee health: A meta-analytic integration. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97 235-272.

Ford, M. T., Heinen, B. A., & Langkamer, K. L. (2007). Work and family satisfaction and conflict: A meta-analysis of cross-domain relations. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 57-80.