The University of Alabama

Iman Dayarian

Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science

Phone: 205-348-1268

Focus and Current Research

Transportation and Logistics, Vehicle Routing, Supply Chain Optimization


Ph.D., University of Montreal, M.S., Arts et Métiers, B.S., Isfahan University of Technology

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Dr. Dayarian’s research interest lies primarily in practical decision making, exploiting advances in optimization techniques. His research focused on problems in the areas of transportation and logistics as well as healthcare. Dr. Dayarian’s research appeared in journals including Transportation Science, European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Operations Research, and Transportation Research Part E. He was awarded highly competitive scholarships such as the Eiffel Scholarship from the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the FRQNT Post-Doctoral Research Grant from the Government of Quebec.

Selected Publications

Dayarian, I.,  Desaulniers, G., A branch-price-and-cut algorithm for a production-routing problem with short-lifespan products, 2018, Transportation Science.

Dayarian, I., Chan, T.C.Y., Jaffray, D., Stanescu, T. "Mixed-Integer Optimization Approach for Homogeneous Magnet Design", 2018, Technology 2(6):49-58.

Dayarian, I., Crainic, T.g., Gendreau, M., Rei, W., An adaptive large-neighborhood search heuristic for a multi-period vehicle routing problem, 2016, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation

Dayarian, I., Crainic, T.g., Gendreau, M., Rei, W.,  A branch-and-price approach for a multi-period vehicle routing problem, 2015, Computers & Operations Research 55, 167-184​​​​​​​

Dayarian, I., Crainic, T.g., Gendreau, M., Rei, W.,  A column generation approach for a multi-attribute vehicle routing problem, European Journal of Operational Research 241 (3), 888-906​​​​​​​