Bryan Hochstein

Assistant Professor of Marketing


Phone: 205-348-0565
Email: bwhochstein@culverhouse.ua.edu

Focus and Current Research

Buyer-seller Frontline Interactions, Customer Success Management, Salesperson Influence, Service-Sales Interface, Frontline Deviance


B.A., University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh;
MBA, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh;
Ph.D., Florida State University

Honors Achievements & Affiliations

Experience and Research Overview

Academic experience include a BA and MBA both from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and a PhD in Marketing from Florida State University. Bryan’s sales and organizational frontline research has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Business Research, Marketing Letters, and the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice

Bryan’s research experience is within the broad topic of sales, with a specific focus on interactions, where the customer and face-to-face frontline employee (salesperson, customer success manager, or service worker) meet. Recent research topics include the sales-service interface, ambidexterity, and customer success topics. Research settings include B2B software as a solution (SaaS) firms that focus on modular sales processes and more traditional B2B/B2C firms that focus on selling complex solutions through evolving sales processes. 

Bryan’s industry experience includes a twenty-year corporate career in the service/sales industry. Currently, Bryan serves as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Alabama located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 


Selected Publications

Hochstein, Bryan, Willy Bolander, Ronald Goldsmith, and Christopher R. Plouffe (2018), "Adapting influence approaches to informed consumers in high-involvement purchases: are salespeople really doomed?," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Panagopoulos, Nikolaos G., Bryan Hochstein, Thomas L. Baker, and Michael A. Pimentel (2018), "Boosting sales force morale in highly dynamic, complex markets: The role of job resources," Industrial Marketing Management.

Plouffe, Christopher R., Willy Bolander, Joseph A. Cote, and Bryan Hochstein (2016), "Does the Customer Matter Most?  Exploring Strategic Frontline Employees’ Influence of Customers, the Internal Business Team, and External Business Partners," Journal of Marketing, 80 (1), 106-23.