Student Perspectives

Katie Larson, Public Relations

At the beginning of freshmen year, I had absolutely no idea what it was going to be like as a student in the CREATE Path to MBA. Little did I know, this program would end up being so much more than just a way to get my masters in business. I have met so many amazing people through the class that I never would have if I wasn’t not a part of it. It has been a great way for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to work successfully with others. Using my creative side to work with the engineer majors has been an amazing experience because it prepares me for the real world. I would recommend anyone who is creative and wants to learn more about incorporating your talents into your work to do this program.

Melanie Marshall, Interior Design

I love how the CREATE Path to the MBA bridges my creative major with business so I can understand both aspects. I also love how each professor comes from a different and impressive background. I have so much to learn from them and I appreciate their willingness to answer my questions. The professors constantly present ways to get more involved in the CREATE and STEM programs and in the actual business world. The CREATE Path to the MBA has given me so many resources and opportunities. I look forward to advancing my understanding and appreciation of business in the years to come through this program.


Nick Stellon, Telecommunication & Film

The CREATE Path to the MBA allows students like me who are interested in their own, artistic avenues, to get a new perspective of business. It changes a traditionally creative degree like mine, into one with even more practical applications. Through the CREATE Path to the MBA, I won't have to do pursue business, but I know that I'll have that information if I want it.


Reed Morley, Advertising and Sociology

Initially, I was a part of the STEM Path to the MBA as a Mathematics major. The sole reason I chose math was so that I could be a part of the program. During my second semester freshman year, I began to run into some conflicts. Math was absolutely not working out for me. Fortunately enough, the CREATE Path to the MBA was in its inaugural year. After working out the details with several STEM/CREATE professors, I was able to make the switch and remain in the program as an Advertising major. I couldn't be happier with where I'm at. The skills I've learned thus far are invaluable. The group projects are especially helpful in a sense that both the creative and analytical perspectives of CREATE and STEM students respectively can lead to a more well-rounded strategy in tackling business issues.

Rebecca Shofner, Apparel and Textiles – Fashion Retailing

As an Apparel and Textiles major on the CREATE Path to the MBA, I have opened myself up to so much new material and so many different experiences that have expanded my knowledge and thinking. Since the CREATE Path is new and smaller than the STEM Path, I have been able to get to know the professors personally, and I genuinely feel that they care about my opinions and ideas. They continue to offer opportunities that enhance my experience and grow me as a student. One such opportunity involved being on the marketing team for Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa. In addition, one of my favorite experiences to date was participating in the NASA Technology Innovation Project. Ultimately being able to present my idea to NASA was way beyond expectation. Who would have thought that a fashion student would present a technology idea to NASA? This project provided a tremendous example of the value in blending creativity and technology with resourcefulness and a determined mindset when it comes to the business world. I have to admit that I was intimidated at the thought of being an Apparel and Textiles major among a sea of Engineering, Computer Science and Pre-Medical students, but people like me are needed! When you get STEM students and CREATE students together, the sky is the limit. Creative minds are extremely important, and becoming a student in the CREATE Path to the MBA continues to build my confidence in who I am and how I think.


Allie Burton, Advertising

The CREATE Path to the MBA is a unique opportunity for me to combine my creative field with business material. It makes me a more well-rounded and diverse applicant that will help me stand out when looking for future jobs. Not only does this program help me with my academic background, but it has helped me make connections and relationships that get me involved at UA.


Grace Howington, Hospitality Management

The CREATE Path to the MBA has been a wonderful addition to my college career. It has given me better professional skills, challenged me academically, and given me a small community on this big campus. The numerous innovation projects have allowed me to expand my creative thinking and strengthen my public speaking capabilities. My CREATE Path professors constantly challenge me to think outside the box, which is not something I have been able to do often in my other coursework. I’m very grateful for this because it has allowed me to grow in my way of thinking and problem solving. Another great aspect of the STEM&CREATE Path to the MBA Program is the small class sizes. The advantage of getting to be in class with the same cohort for four years is that it facilitates better group discussion and makes collaboration easier. Overall, I believe the CREATE Path to the MBA has allowed me to grow as a student and prepared me for the professional world.