The Edward K. Aldag, Jr. Business Plan Competition

The 2017 Edward K. Aldag, Jr. Business Plan Competition has come to a close. Read more about it here.


2017 Winners

         Grand Prize Winner ($50,000) - KüLVAX

Team members: Andrew Johnson, Grant Becker, Kyle Pecot

KüLVAX is a start-up company that has created a more efficient cooling process for the transportation of life-saving vaccines, particularly in developing countries that have unreliable access to ice and electricity. Their design removes the need for constant restocking of ice, saving time and money in the process.


         1st Prize ($5,000) - NeuroPress

Team members: Lizzy West, Matthew Mims, Jake Zalesky

NeuroPress is a device used to measure intracranial pressure (ICP) detection in a non-invasive manner. Nowadays concussions are hard to diagnose and diagnoses are often based on the patient's interpretations of their symptoms. By measuring the ICP of patients, NeuroPress can be used to monitor concussion recovery and determine if the patient is at further risk of head trauma. They hope to do this by utilizing current NASA technology that determines the ICP of astronauts in space. 




         2nd Prize ($3,000) - FoodDrop

Team members: Ethan Mergen, Ryan Keelin, Emily Huynh, Cassandra Georgio

FoodDrop is a grocery delivery service founded by college students and serving college students. They are currently operational in Tuscaloosa. FoodDrop exists to give students the opportunity to put the grocery store in the palm of their hands giving them back their free time they so much deserve. 





         3rd Prize ($2,000) -

Team members: Derek Legenzoff, Anna Claire Smith, Brandon Locke is a website that aims to make gift shopping easier. Their website lets the user build a profile for every person they wish to buy gifts for, and then uses advanced analytics to find the perfect gift. Now matter how close you are, shopping for loved ones can be hard. offers a practical solution at no cost to the user.




Special Awards


          Best New Idea - Neverfreeze Hydration

Team members: Eric De Vey, Adam Ewing, Chapman Fowler, Spencer Jones, Noah Crocker

Many outdoorsman like to use hydration packs on bike rides or hikes, even in freezing temperatures. However, the tubes are prone to freezing and clogging in these cold temperatures. Neverfreeze Hydration aims to use NASA technolgy in order to find a solution to this problem. A Nasa patented bladder, their proprietary hose design, and an interchangeable battery pack work together within the Neverfreeze Hydration Pack to provide winter-weather outdoorsmen with a hassle-free and hands free hydration solution.




          Best Teamwork - Silent Rise

Team members: Alex Ramsayer, Griffin Horowitz, Chris Long, Samantha Cook

Silent Rise is a product designed to help people wake up without bothering others in the room. The product is designed to wake up the user at a specified time by lifting them up in bed. This silent and simple solution would be ideal for those with roommates or significant others that may be on different sleep schedules. 





          Social Entrepreneurship Award - Sassafras Nonprofit Incubator

Team members: Eric Courchesne, Joshua Medina, Megan Bannon Briggs

Sassafras Nonprofit Incubator is a home, a network, and training ground for startup nonprofit organizations in Tuscaloosa, AL.






          People's Choice Award - Elite Innovation

Team members: Christopher Taylor, Jeremy Warmley, Victor Kimbrough

Elite Innovation is a live entertainment company that was founded with the mindset of creating elite events in the city of Birmingham and the surrounding areas. They aim to differentiate themselves by creating a more intimate event for attendees and performers alike.