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AEI is all about building entrepreneuring skills and talent for new and established ventures.

The Alabama Entrepreneurship Institute (AEI) delivers learning that accelerates the growth of businesses and creates new jobs. AEI provides students with unique opportunities to move beyond the classroom and learn by doing. They work on entrepreneurial projects with both new and established businesses as part of consulting teams. They also start up their own businesses or become part of teams working on start ups. Students participate in competitions, attend networking events, are part of boot camps to quickly move ideas forward, and they get help from entrepreneurs and business executives.

AEI and The Edge are members of GAN, a global accelerator network.


The Edge is the place to be for entrepreneurs!

AEI is currently housed at the Edge Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Edge) in a partnership with the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce and the City of Tuscaloosa. A new Edge building is coming in 2018! 

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About AEI

The Alabama Entrepreneurship Institute (AEI) was established to promote and support a variety of entrepreneurship endeavors in the Culverhouse College of Business and across The University of Alabama campus. AEI’s goal is to accelerate the growth of business development and job creation, and to provide University students a unique opportunity to move beyond the classroom and engage in real-world experiences. Students participate on business consulting teams with existing businesses or nurture their own start-up idea in an entrepreneurial environment.

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