The University of Alabama's residence program supports students in the pursuit of academic excellence. There are two types of housing available on and around campus: residence halls and apartments. Both provide students with benefits from employing trained University of Alabama staff to assist residents, programs to enhance scholastic achievement, secure facilities, opportunities to experience the diversity of the student body, and greater access to University activities and services, as well as convenience and affordability.

Incoming freshmen will need to register for student housing. This can be done at an allotted time during Bama Bound Orientation or when an incoming student recieves confirmation that they are eligible for student housing.

Campus housing accommodations are available within the Tuscaloosa area. Whether you are looking to rent a condominium, apartment or home close to campus, there are many options available.

Use the following resources to learn more about housing options in Tuscaloosa or to request a copy of the Tuscaloosa Apartment and Condominium Guide: