The Marketing Department at Culverhouse is for students that wish to explore the dynamics of business/customer relationships. Marketing is the process by which businesses communicate their intrinsic value to customers and other businesses. Students in Marketing majors will study how businesses win customer trust, and how to maintain and enrich that relationship through market research, analysis of customer data, direct personal interaction, and several technology-oriented methods. Culverhouse marketing students are supported by faculty and instructors who have first-hand experience in crafting marketing campaigns and new methods of market research.

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Marketing is primarily concerned with two main concepts: the identification and assessment of consumer and industrial market needs, and the development of marketing programs to satisfy those needs. Marketing personnel in profit and nonprofit organizations analyze markets and industries to define new opportunities and refine existing opportunities. Marketers also are responsible for developing and managing products and services, along with promotion, distribution and pricing appropriate to the targeted market opportunities. Students who major in marketing enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities. These include sales and sales management, services marketing, retailing, brand management, market research, distribution and logistics and advertising.

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Globalization is more than just a trademark of 21st century business used to explain the flattening of the global economy. It describes perfectly whom the economy and the modern enterprise must always cater to: the world.

The International Business Specialization provides the information and the tools students need to compete and succeed in the global market. These courses integrate topics spanning from international trade to global competition and strategy.

With preliminary hours of preparatory coursework in our International Business curriculum, our students emerge prepared with a global perspective.

Our faculty scholars and students teach and study around the world. Our students are able to gain international experience through study abroad and internship programs that better prepare them for competition in today's global economy. Culverhouse may be local, but our knowledge is global.

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Sales is one of two specializations offered under the Marketing major. Any business major can earn a specialization or certification in sales by completing the courses listed below. Non-business majors can earn a sales certification by adding MKT 300 to those four courses.

The curriculum provide students with sales theory and up-to-date sales technologies, practical process applications and engagement with live business-to-business selling environments. Students who have earned the specialization or certification can contribute revenue to a hiring organization while also being more prepared to accept continued sales and management training. In an environment where making the sale is everything, a specialization in Sales takes our students anywhere.

The Culverhouse Sales Program excels by providing students with access to sales knowledge from top educators and mentors and by offering professional development opportunities. We are committed to providing our students an education and experience in line with the standards of excellence set forth by Culverhouse, Manderson and the greater University of Alabama.

Our comprehensive approach to sales maximizes returns for our students and stakeholders by offering unequaled value in the following areas:

  • Delivering a useful and relevant education in ethics, methods and best practices of sales.
  • Providing opportunities for personal growth through outreach and charity events.
  • Connecting with recruiters, mentors and business leaders.


Sales Specialization

MKT337 Professional Selling

Surveying the sales process from Prospecting to Partnering. Students will simulate real-world sales presentations in groups using actual company data. Practice and final presentations will take place in the sales lab.

MKT437 Advanced Sales

Working directly with local, national, and global organizations to practice and polish business to business selling skills through live Capstone Projects. 

MKT438 Sales Management

Leading a team of sales representatives through participation in simulation software that features recruiting, training, motivating, and managing activities 

MKT439 Key Account Management

Learning and practicing a strategic approach to customer management through a corporate project featuring account planning, resource allocation, and analytics. Students will become real account managers for companies that work with the Sales Program.



Joe Calamusa IV
Sales Program Director


Lexi Lowe
Sales Program Director


Jenna Stiffler
Corporate Development Coordinator 

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Services are now a major driver of the U.S. and world economy.  Therefore, service marketing and management in the areas of people, business process, and the design of physical space are of great importance.  The ability to understand, map, design, and re-design business service processes, flow, and physical space across the value chain is critical as is the ability to manage service employees and teams.  

Services marketing is a specialization designed for students interested in working in and managing teams of people to analyze, develop, and deliver world-class service, manage customer relationships, and work cross-functionally with other aspects of the organization such as sales, logistics, and operations

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The Marketing Department at Culverhouse offers graduate programs at the Masters and Ph.D levels. Websites specific to our graduate programs can be found below:

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