Strategic Plan

The Culverhouse College of Commerce strategic plan outlines the College’s major goals, specific objectives, strategies for achieving those objectives, and specific annual plans.  The strategic plan guides the College as it carries out its mission.  

The College is currently revising its strategic plan. Throughout the fall of 2016, a strategic planning committee is reviewing the strategic plan and developing revised goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans to guide the college.  This page will be updated with drafts of the strategic plan components as they are developed and links to surveys that will allow those engaged with the college and opportunity to provide their feedback.

The members of the Strategic Planning Committee are:

  • Burcu Keskin, Committee Chair and Associate Professor, Information Systems, Statistics, & Management Science 
  • John Baker, Director of Technology
  • Grant Becker, Student, Finance and Accounting
  • David Mothersbaugh, Department Head and Professor, Marketing
  • Daphne Palmer, Instructor, Accounting
  • Robert Reed, Professor, Economics, Finance, & Legal Studies
  • Nidia Spence, Director of Financial Affairs
  • Marilyn Whitman, Associate Professor, Management
  • Jonathon Halbesleben, Senior Associate Dean


To begin their work, the faculty requested feedback from the faculty and staff using the following survey:


College Goals, Objectives, and Metrics – Draft expected September 30

Strategies for Meeting Objectives – Draft expected October 31

Action plans – Draft expected November 30

Complete strategic plan – Draft expected December 15