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Started in 2010 with a vision to equip students with the tools and skills necessary to successfully drive them into the business world, The University of Alabama Sales Program works to teach, develop, and position nearly 600 students per semester for post-graduate opportunities. Through our crafted curriculum, job and internships with over 40 companies, and professional development tools, it is our goal to reach as many students as possible on campus so that they can have a positive impact in the workplace.


Sales Specialization


MKT337 Professional Selling

Students will simulate real world sales presentations in groups using actual company data. Course topics include how to make a positive first impression, forming questions and listening, building value propositions, and handling objections and negotiations. The course explores how a strong sales process can contribute to the progression of your career by focusing on developing one’s selling and communication skills.

MKT437 Advanced Sales

Students will work with local, national and organizations to polish B2B selling skills through live Collaborative Learning Projects outsourced by a commercial partner. Skills implemented include leveraging selling techniques in a fast-paced business climate, developing business models and high level strategies, and serving as problem solvers to develop and deliver value-added recommendations for the corporate client.

MKT438 Sales Management

MKT 438 advances the skills that students learned in 337.  The professors, Jenna Stiffler and Lexi Lowe, uses the same approach that Joe Calamusa uses in MKT 337.  The students are taught advanced selling skills in a fast-paced and engaging environment. Class topics including social styles, advanced buying centers, team selling, and territory management will be explored.  If you enjoyed the topics and learning environment in MKT 337, then this course will provide you with a very similar experience.

MKT439 Key Account Management

MKT 439 follows the same path as MKT 437.  Students work directly with corporate partners on live Collaborative Learning Projects.  The only difference is that MKT 439 offers students more advanced and creative projects.  You can take MKT 439 after or with MKT 437 because they are so much alike.  You will choose from several projects and be assigned to a team led by a Project Manager.  There are no lectures or exams, but you will be developed and challenged by working directly with a corporate client.



Joe Calamusa IV
Sales Program Director
Lexi Lowe
Director of Collaborative Learning
Jenna Stiffler
Corporate Development Coordinator
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