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Culverhouse Connections

The mission of Culverhouse Connections is to enhance the professional skills of Culverhouse students through mentoring, shadowing, educational workshops and networking with business professionals. This also provides mentoring participants a venue to invest in the college by enhancing the quality of our graduates.

Culverhouse Connections provides all business students with the opportunity to expand their professional horizons and career opportunities through a three-component enrichment program:



Mentees work with an executive mentor that provides professional development as well as open doors to possible employment and internship opportunities. Mentors provide students with advice on resumes, interviewing skills, professional etiquette and many other career topics over a ten month period. They also serve as role models for our students, assist in networking and provide a resource for business questions.



Students will "shadow," or follow, a business executive over a period of time to gain information about a particular career, which will help them gain a better awareness of an industry and make more informed career choices.



Students will be given the opportunity to enrich their career skill sets, network with executives and practice professional skills in an environment that promotes learning and growth.

To apply to be a mentor, shadowing sponsor, or a mentee, visit The Culverhouse Connections hub on MyCBA.



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