/ Culverhouse - Culverhouse's Academic Schools Are Accountancy; Economics, Finance And Legal Studies; General Business; Information Systems, Statistics And Management Science; And Management And Marketing


Culverhouse College of Commerce’s students have access to an uncommon variety of resources within an institution that is renowned for its faculty, staff and cutting-edge curriculum. Culverhouse’s dedication to the growth and development of its students and graduates goes beyond classroom learning to instill in students the values of the school itself: the rigorous pursuit of goals, a capacity for innovation in modern business’ most competitive fields and the ability to remain relevant in a global business environment that is always redefining relevance. 

The five schools of academia offered by Culverhouse are Accountancy; Economics, Finance and Legal Studies; General Business; Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science; and Management and Marketing.

Culverhouse students are taught by a faculty with an unparalleled reputation for excellence and a dedication to student learning. Whether it’s activities in the classroom, on campus or in the workplace gaining firsthand experience from our ties to the business community, our academics are what make the Culverhouse academic curriculum one that takes dead aim on the business of tomorrow.

Students who have already completed their undergraduate degrees will find no better edge on the future than in the graduate curriculum offered by the Manderson Graduate School.